VetriCure vs. Pet Soaps

The cleaning aisles at pet stores are stocked with cleaners and stain & odor removers that are simply soaps. These products are designed to clean up pet messes, but are not capable of killing the germs left behind.


VetriCure Cleans the Mess and Kills the Germs.  We are the only pet disinfectant you can use every day to prevent your pets from spreading disease, and keep your family healthy.

Pet Soaps VetriCure
Wipes up the mess and kills some germs. Cleans the mess AND eliminates 99.9% of animal bacteria and viruses.
Does not kill serious animal pathogens. Kills Ringworm, Animal MRSA, Salmonella, VRE and numerous other animal germs.
Can contain chemicals that irritate you, your kids, and your pet. Approved for use around pets and family.
Controls odors by soap cleaning and fragrance masking. Kills odor causing bacteria, the root cause of animal odor.
Must remove food and water bowls while cleaning. Approved to spray around pet food and water bowls.
Time consuming to wash and rinse off dirty pet items. Quick spray with no rinse/no wipe convenience.